Teamviewer support

Click on the links below to download/save the various teamviewer QS support versions.

Teamviewer Version 9 and earlier versions …..   HERE

Teamviewer Versions 10, 11, 12 are ……….   HERE

Teamviewer Current version 13 …………   HERE

NOTE:  If you have an earlier version of Teamviewer when compared to someone who you are trying to link with, it will not allow this.  For example if I have version 10 and a client has version 12 on their PC/Laptop, I will be unable to link to this person’s computer.  The options are for them to downgrade or for me to upgrade.  Neither option is easy as conflicts on both computers will arise.

My current version of Teamviewer is 10 so any client who upgrades ( or their IT person does this for them) my link to them will now become unusable.  This is one of the unfortunate realities of using Teamviewer.  They do continue to try and make one upgrade to their latest version, and the above issues are in their favour.

NOTE:  If you have the latest version of Teamviewer, you will be able to link to ALL older versions.  It is just the other direction that does not work!