Reckon Hosted Notes


This page is used to add notes for Reckon Hosted and create links to relevant documents, such as the Fact Sheet, and sites for ease of use and connection.  These linked documents represent the most requested help areas when clients are working with Reckon Hosted.  They are also of help to me in my daily activities with Reckon Hosted.

DELETE files on Q: Drive or B: drive go to your cloud drive as highlighted.  

BACKUP files from Q: Drive

SHARING   video to find out about sharing RAH files OR read THIS file.

SHARING PDF  …. a PDF file showing how to share a company file.

RENAMING a file in either Q: Drive or B: drive in Hosted

PDF GUIDE for Uploading a Company file to RAH from local PC.


GEEK SPEAK –  HostedTips and tricks!

ERROR (-6177,0)  – Can’t open datafile in Reckon Hosted

PAY DAY FILING  – Using Reckon Hosted to do pay day filing from 1st April 2019

MOVING JOBS … from ONE Customer to ANOTHER Customer…

MOVE FILES… on Hosted server from, for example, B: drive to Q: drive…. hover over file until highlighted… press CTRL + X ( file will go light) then go to relevant area of other drive for pasting, right click on any file in that drive and press CTRL + V..   JOB DONE

RESTORE PORTABLE FILE – Restore a PCM file and overwrite a current QBW file, or rename etc

WHEN FONT problem with template printing in hosted read this document how to fix the Fonts on the offending template(s)!!!


If you wish to run a REBUILD without the backup running first ( which can cause a problem if the datafile has an issue) hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard when selecting UTILITIES > REBUILD DATA

This will skip the backup option and go straight to the REBUILD

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Useful Websites for support

Knowledge Browser:   http//

Reckon Community:

Reckon Partners: